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Do you work with SNMP and legacy equipment? Are you stuck monitoring two or even three alarm masters to get visibility of all of your alarms?

When you download this white paper, you'll learn the 5 key steps to integrate your SNMP and...
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Do you have unmonitored SNMP equipment in your network? Does this lack of visibility negatively impact you or your operations, or leave you vulnerable to a potential problem? Your sites may be unmonitored for numerous reasons. Even if LAN is unavailable at the site or if integration to your SNMP manager is too cumbersome, that doesn't mean you can afford to...
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Do you know the status of your remote site battery plants? Would you know if one individual cell was falling out of its ideal voltage or temperature range? As you know if you've ever had battery failures in the past, a single bad cell can affect the performance of the whole string if you don't catch it early. What you need is a battery monitoring tool that's capable of monitoring both voltage and temperature at each battery cell, and that's actually easy to install and wire up. See how the BVM 48 G2 will help you monitor your remote battery strings...
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Remote power switches ("PDUs") can save you a lot of money and increase profitability. You'll reduce expensive truck rolls that waste time and fuel. Instead, you'll toggle power and reboot from your desk (or automatically via SNMP or web). This White Paper will explain the essentials of PDUs, so you won't end up with...
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T/Mon MINI master station
Watch this Quick Video now (3 min)...

Video: "Try T/Mon Easily with T/Mon MINI"
Are you interested in the T/Mon master station, but you're worried about getting budget approval? T/Mon master stations have always been positioned at a convenient "knee" in the value curve, but many clients have asked for a high-end affordable master for use with DPS RTUs. When you watch this quick video, you'll see how T/Mon MINI includes the same core alarm processing and T/GFX map software as a full-scale T/Mon, but requires just 10% of the budget dollars. Plus, you can...
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"National Grid Tackles Fiber-Ring Alarms with 3 T/Mon LNX Master Stations..."
National Grid is one of the largest investor-owned utilities in the world, and the second largest utility in the US. In order to protect their fiber network, the company has deployed multiple T/Mon LNX masters. Read this full case study now to learn how SNMP trap processing accelerated repair work after a very unusual fiber cut...
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Learn How to Set up SNMP uptime verification
Learn How to Set up SNMP uptime verification

How to: "Set up T/Mon to Poll SNMP Devices for Up/Down Status"
Configuring your T/Mon to poll SNMP devices for up/down status will verify if you equipment is actively sending traps. Because SNMP traps are autonomous, if there is nothing happening on a piece of equipment, there is no way to know if it?s still alive or not. While you could setup a ping target, that only gets you to the link layer, you need to know if the SNMP agent is running on a device to know if it is "alive" enough to send traps...
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Read DPS Success Stories
Brian P.
Western Iowa Networks

In Praise of DPS...

"We use the NetGuardian 832A to monitor alarms from our Metaswitch to fire suppression system. All alarms are reported to our NOC and back to my BlackBerry(R) smartphone. That way I know what's going on in our network before customers start calling and telling me..."

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Registration Now Open for 2013 Factory Training
Have you been considering attending, but you haven't taken the time to sign up?

DPS Training is the best way to learn to use the T/Mon master station and NetGuardian RTUs. Class requires no tuition for DPS clients or qualified professionals. We're just putting the finishing touches on our new, improved classroom to keep up with the demand for this training.

You can register online for any class from the 2013 schedule. Secure your seat early, as these classes do tend to fill up.
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