"SNMP Implementation White Paper..."

Download this SNMP White Paper now...
Download this SNMP White Paper now...

Do you know enough about SNMP to be successful? In every SNMP implementation, there are many pitfalls to avoid. You need to know how to avoid them. This white paper is a step-by-step guide to SNMP alarm monitoring implementation, including the practical problems that can arise and how to solve them...
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"E-Telemetry (E2A) White Paper..."

Download this E2A White Paper
Find a Solution to Your E2A Problems

If you are still operating E2A legacy network equipment, you need to know the options available to enhance your monitoring. Whether you are looking to add a few sites, or overhaul your entire monitoring system, this white paper will help you make the right decision for your company. Download this white paper to learn about the E2A protocol, and how you can upgrade your network monitoring through E2A mediation, migration, and more...
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"Sneak Preview: See the New SiteCAM in Action..."
You have expensive revenue-generating equipment deployed at every one of your network sites, so you know how important it is to monitor their physical security, especially if you’ve ever been the victim of copper theft or vandalism. The new SiteCAM with T/Mon image logging gives you the ability to make security decisions remotely...
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T/Mon Now Monitors DNP3
Do Need SCADA Monitoring in Your Network?

"Make T/Mon NOC Your SCADA Master with the DNP3 Software Module..."
Now your T/Mon network alarm master can give you even better visibility with the newly released DNP3 software module. With this software module, you can make T/Mon your SCADA system master, and bring in all of your DNP3 alarms. Read ahead to learn about this new T/Mon application.
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Got an SNMP Manager? These RTUs Easily Integrate with Your SNMP Master...
When you deploy new RTUs, the LAST thing you want to do is fight to get them integrated with your SNMP Manager. Wouldn't it be 10 times easier if you knew that your new RTUs were field-proven to work with your exact SNMP Manager? This list of SNMP Managers that are guaranteed to integrate will save you hours of labor...
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Receive and acknowledge alarms from your cell phone

"T/Mon Tip: Acknowledge Alarms From Your Cell Phone via Text Message..."
With T/Mon NOC, you can both receive and acknowledge alarms via cell phone text messaging. Here's how to set it up...
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NetGuardian 832A G5

"Monitor SNMP v3 with The NetGuardian 832A G5..."
The powerful NetGuardian 832A G5 now supports SNMP v3, allowing you to monitor all of your SNMP devices with enhanced security via message encryption. Now, the NetGuardian G5 allows you to report alarms in SNMP v1, v2, or v3. Read ahead to see how you can leverage this new NetGuardian feature using your existing SNMP manager.
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Don't put it off any longer - Find out how you can do it too...
Chuck and Roberto did it.
So can you...

These Senior Techs Upgraded Their Legacy Gear and Saw Their Efficiency Skyrocket. See How You Can Do It Too...
Are you struggling to deal with outdated legacy equipment? Chuck Thomas and Roberto Deleon are Senior Communications Technicians at a major electrical company, and they squashed their legacy troubles with a well-timed master upgrade. Their new master puts all of their alarms from all of their equipment onto one comprehensive screen.
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Attention New T/Mon Users: Get Alarm Monitoring Training Straight From the Experts...

Attend These Upcoming DPS Factory Training Events:
October 13-15 (Plus T/Mon Users Group Oct. 16-17)

Last Chance: T/Mon Users Group - Oct. 16-17
The next T/Mon Users Group meeting will immediately follow the Oct. 13-16 Factory Training class. If you want to maximize your travel value and attend both events, sign up quickly. This one will fill up fast...

We understand it's tough to get started with any new technology. Chances are, if someone just "showed" you how to use T/Mon in a few minutes, you're only using it at a very basic level. So, unless you received on-site DPS turn-up assistance and training, you're probably not well positioned to comply with the various requests by management.

T/Mon is a very powerful monitoring tool, but to use it to its fullest extent, you absolutely have to be properly trained. When you can get that training quickly, with no tuition for qualified professionals (and get it in beautiful California), you've got no reason not to attend.

Join us at our headquarters in Fresno, California, where you'll be able to learn all of the tips and tricks you need to supercharge your monitoring.

DPS Telecom Factory Training is designed to meet all of your needs. Whether you need to cross-train more staff on your monitoring system, bring new operators up to speed, or are looking to become a T/Mon Power User, our Factory Training instructors are here to meet your needs.

If you have never had any formal T/Mon training, or want to learn the latest applications of our newest equipment, we'll tailor the course to meet your specific needs. We'll also arrange your meals at highly rated local restaurants, as well as assist you in organizing fun activities to make your visit to California even more enjoyable.

Come join us for Factory Training. For more information about Factory Training, email your Factory Training Hostess at FactoryTraining@dpstele.com.

See you soon...

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Shawn B.

"If you've got DPS products, you definitely need to get you and your people in here."

Come to Sunny California for DPS Telecom Factory Training
Come to Sunny California for DPS Telecom Factory Training

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