Download This SNMP MIB White Paper Now...
Download This SNMP MIB White Paper Now...

"SNMP MIB White Paper - Instantly Understand Any SNMP Device"
Is your SNMP knowledge good enough? What if you could instantly understand the capabilities of any SNMP device? Reading the SNMP MIB file is the best way to do that, and this guide teaches you how. This SNMP MIB white paper is a must-read for anyone who works with SNMP...
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"New Copper Theft Advisory..."
Copper theft is a rapidly growing crime. If you're in the telecom industry, copper theft can devastate your business. Power outages, phone outages, and equipment failure are just some ways these thieves threaten your operations. The good news? There is a way to protect yourself...
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Use Your End-of-Year Budget On A Much-Needed Upgrade!
Use Your End-of-Year Budget On A Much-Needed Upgrade!

"Warning: Don't Waste Your End-of-Year Budget in 2008..."
Has your monitoring kept up with your growth this year? At the end of 2008, you have an important opportunity to perform a complete site audit and use CapEx budget to make improvements. You've got end-of-year budget. Don't fall into the trap of waiting too long...
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"T/Mon Economics 101 - 9 Ways that T/Mon Will Boost Your ROI..."
While you're planning your alarm master deployment, ROI is among your most important concerns. Will you get the results you paid for, or will you waste your budget? T/Mon will boost your ROI in these 9 key ways...
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Use This Walkthrough To Setup T/Mon With NetGuardian RTUs...
Use This Walkthrough To Setup T/Mon With NetGuardian RTUs...

"How To: Setup T/Mon to Poll a NetGuardian..."
Setting up T/Mon to poll your NetGuardian remotes is crucial in your new RTU deployments. In order to get the visibility you need, T/Mon needs to be configured to correctly poll all your remotes. This article offers step-by-step instructions to help you setup T/Mon and troubleshoot your most common problems...
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"Do You Know the Difference Between SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3?"
When you look at product summaries and specifications for a device, do you consider all versions of SNMP to be the same? Although they might seem quite similar, there are actually some big differences that can get you into trouble if you’re not careful. Avoid incompatibilities and wasted time, by knowing the fundamental differences between SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3...
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Arvig Communications
Gary Schattschneider
Arvig Communications

Arvig Communications Monitors CLEC Sites with NetGuardians and T/Mon NOC
Arvig Communication Systems (ACS) is a localized communications provider company based in Perham Minnesota. To gain visibility of their newly acquired sites, Central Office Technician Gary Schattschneider turned to DPS for a monitoring solution. Read ahead to learn how Arvig prepared to expand their site visibility with a T/Mon NOC at DPS Factory Training.
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See a Network Monitoring Presentation That Will Blow Your Mind...

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Experience Your Own Personalized Live Guided Tour

Ever wish that you could have the full attention of an Applications Engineer to discuss exactly what you need to dramatically increase your monitoring power? You'd get more done in 30 minutes than in hours of unguided research.

DPS Live Meeting Rooms make it easy to get immediate answers about your network reliability in a personal web conference. You'll see a live, personalized demonstration of network reliability solutions right where you're sitting now.

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If your copper was being stolen right now, would you know about it?

No - Not until a service-affecting outage
Maybe - I might get a few loosly related alarms
Probably - I have non-visual monitoring in place to detect copper theft
Absolutely - I have motion sensors triggering video cameras and would get an alert within seconds

Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom
Eric Storm

Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom

Prepare Early for End-of-Year Ordering

Is it December 2008? Not yet, but for the purposes of year-end purchases, it's not too early to start your planning. Deployment timing is even more critical if you need to have the gear installed this year as well. At DPS we always try to accommodate as many “end-of-year” rush orders as possible, but getting your orders in earlier is always best for everyone.

One recurring theme at DPS is continuous improvement. In fact...

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Get The Alarm Monitoring Training You Need - Straight From the Experts...

Attend These Upcoming DPS Factory Training Events:
October 13-16 (Plus T/Mon Users Group)

Alert: T/Mon Users Group - Oct. 16-17
The next T/Mon Users Group meeting will immediately follow the Oct. 13-16 Factory Training class. If you want to maximize your travel value and attend both events, sign up quickly. This one will fill up fast...

If you've been in the industry for a while, you know that comprehensive training is the best way to make your job easier. When you can get that training quickly, with no tuition for qualified professionals (and get it in beautiful California), you've got no reason not to attend.

Join us at our headquarters in Fresno, California, where you'll be able to learn all of the tips and tricks you need to supercharge your monitoring.

DPS Telecom Factory Training is designed to meet all of your needs. Whether you need to cross-train more staff on your monitoring system, bring new operators up to speed, or are looking to become a T/Mon Power User, our Factory Training instructors are here to meet your needs.

If you have never had any formal T/Mon training, or want to learn the latest applications of our newest equipment, we'll tailor the course to meet your specific needs. We'll also arrange your meals at highly rated local restaurants, as well as assist you in organizing fun activities to make your visit to California even more enjoyable.

Come join us for Factory Training. For more information about Factory Training, email your Factory Training Hostess at

See you soon...

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"If you've got DPS products, you definitely need to get you and your people in here."

-Shawn B.

"One of the best organized trainings I have ever been to."

-Andrey P.

Come to Sunny California for DPS Telecom Factory Training
Come to Sunny California for DPS Telecom Factory Training

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