Selecting the Perfect RTU White Paper
New White Paper

New White Paper: Selecting the Perfect RTU
Finding a remote that meets your monitoring needs is a big job. Your decision will impact your company for years to come. This new white paper makes it easy to select the perfect-fit RTU for your network. You'll learn what you must monitor at your sites, as well as advanced applications of contemporary remotes. You'll also learn how to get a custom RTU that meets your exact needs.
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5 Ways to Position Yourself for a Hassle-Free Alarm Master Migration
Even if your alarm master migration is just a long-term plan, you can take steps today to make sure it's smooth when the time comes. Learn legacy migration best practices from real DPS clients, and ensure your successful transition to a modern alarm master solution.
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DPS Live Meeting Rooms - Immediate Answers To Your Network Monitoring Questions
Get All the Answers You Need in Less Than 45 Minutes

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Live Guided Tour

DPS Live Meeting Rooms allow you to get immediate answers about your network reliability in a personal web conference. You can see a live, personalized demonstration of network reliability solutions from the convenience of your workstation. By combining video/teleconferencing and real-time messaging, we create a virtual conference room where you can view presentations & application overviews from our Applications Engineers.

Call 1-800-693-0351 to setup your live meeting today.

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  • T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System
  • NetGuardian 832A
  • NetGuardian 216
  • SNMP Alarm Remote Overview

Sparkplug Learns How to Leverage its RTUs and Discovers a Superior Alarm Master
Sparkplug is a leading wireless broadband Internet service provider with carrier-grade networks across eight states, including Illinois, Arizona, Iowa, Tennessee, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and California. To deliver reliable and secure business broadband, high-speed business Internet and transport services, Sparkplug relies on their network monitoring system to alert them of critical transmission failures. See how Sparkplug learned how to better leverage their DPS monitoring equipment at Factory Training.
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Gilbert Clapp - Sparkplug
Gilbert Clapp

New Product Announcement: T/Mon NOC Rack-mount LCD and Keyboard
DPS Telecom has released a new accessory in the T/Mon product line to make using your T/Mon NOC easier than ever. The new rack-mount NOC LCD and Keyboard package enables you to access your T/Mon NOC right from your equipment rack, allowing you to conveniently manage your alarms on-site. See how this new package will enable you to better manage your network with T/Mon NOC.
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T/Mon NOC Rack-Mount LCD and Keyboard
Rack-Mount LCD & Keyboard for T/Mon NOC

Legacy Migration: Your Opportunity to Start Your Monitoring on the Right Track
If you're considering replacing your alarm monitoring system, now is the time to evaluate your RTU needs for your individual sites. Determining what your exact needs are will allow you to maximize your monitoring, because you'll be able to find a remote that's a perfect fit for your network. Learn what you need to look for as you evaluate remotes for your modern monitoring system. Web LinkRead Full Story

Download Techno Knowledge Paper
Download Techno Knowledge Paper

New Techno Knowledge Paper: How to Import and Export Your T/Mon Database to Microsoft Excel
Most T/Mon users use T/MonXM or XMEdit to modify their databases. However, there are specific applications where it is desirable to use external database manipulation tools. T/Mon NOC allows you to import and export your database. You can even use Excel to edit your exported T/Mon database. Download this "techno knowledge" paper and learn the quick and easy steps for a T/Mon database import or export into Excel.
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Rich Landers
Constant Power Technologies

In Praise of DPS...

"In my career, I have never come across a company so thorough and knowledgeable about the products they offer and the support after the fact as well.

"I've gotten training from Marconi, as well as on the Lucent Galaxy Controller and the Mirador alarming system.

"Among all of those, as long as I've been attending classes, the training I've gotten with DPS was the most beneficial and informative."

What value does your company place on having trained employees?

You attend factory training:

Several times a year (my company is very proactive)
Once a year (I get a little training)
Very Rarely (I'm lucky if I get the training I need)
Never (good thing I'm already trained!)
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Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom
Eric Storm

Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom

Making Legacy and SNMP Work Together

Last month, we discussed how to migrate legacy RTU's to modern protocols, such as SNMP. This month, we will examine legacy issues from several perspectives. First, we look into the best practices to document your configuration and database while your legacy system is 100% functional.

We also explore ways to improve your monitoring once you have decided to replace your current alarm collection devices (RTU's). It's important for us to stress that replacing your RTU's isn't necessarily the first thing nor the best thing to do when platform changes are required. However, once that decision is made...

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Brittnee Maxfield - Factory Training Hostess
Brittnee Maxfield
Factory Training Hostess

Maximize Your Monitoring Skills at DPS Telecom Factory Training

Upcoming DPS Factory Training Events:
January 28-31
March 10-13

Hi! I'm Brittnee Maxfield, your DPS Telecom Factory Training Hostess. I'd like to invite you to join us at our headquarters in Fresno, California, where you will be able to learn all of the tips and tricks you need to maximize your monitoring.

DPS Telecom Factory Training is designed to meet all of your needs. Whether you need to cross-train more staff on your monitoring system, bring new operators up to speed, or are looking to become a T/Mon Power User, our Factory Training instructors are here to meet your needs.

If you have never had any formal T/Mon training, or want to learn the latest applications of our newest equipment, we'll tailor the course to meet your specific needs. I'll also be available to arrange your meals at highly rated local restaurants, as well as assist you in organizing fun activities to make your visit to California even more enjoyable.

Come join us for Factory Training this January 28-31 &
March 10-13.
For more information about Factory Training, click the links below, or email me at

See you in 2008,

Brittnee Maxfield
DPS Telecom Factory Training Hostess

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