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New E-Telemetry (E2A) White Paper
If you are still operating E2A legacy network equipment, you need to know the options available to enhance your monitoring. Whether you are looking to add a few sites, or overhaul your entire monitoring system, this white paper will help you make the right decision for your company. Download this white paper to learn about the E2A protocol, and how you can upgrade your network monitoring through E2A mediation, migration, and more.
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DNP3 Software Module

Make T/Mon NOC Your SCADA Master with the New DNP3 Software Module
Now your T/Mon network alarm master can give you even better visibility with the newly released DNP3 software module. With this software module, you can make T/Mon your SCADA system master, and bring in all of your DNP3 alarms. Read ahead to learn about this new T/Mon application.
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CT Communications Prepares For T/Mon Deployment at Factory Training
CT Communications is an independent telephone company located in Urbana, Ohio, centered between Columbus and Dayton. CT strives to offer their clients the latest and most advanced services. When central office technician Glenn Gregg needed to modernize his alarm monitoring to keep CT ahead of the competition, he turned to DPS Telecom. Read ahead to learn how they prepared to deploy their modern monitoring system at DPS Factory Training.Web LinkRead Full Story

Glenn Gregg

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T1 Analyze Box

Reduce Windshield Time and Increase Revenues With the T1 Analyze Box
If you have T1 connections at your sites, you need the T1 Analyze Box. Now, you can reduce windshield time by quickly troubleshooting problems along your T1 lines. To learn more about how this new product can save your company from hours of expensive overtime technician pay, read the full article. Web LinkRead Full Story

Don't Wait!

Don't Wait... Finalize Your 4th Quarter Budget Now to Improve Your Network Monitoring
2007 is coming to a close, and it's time to consider your year-end expenditures to make the most of your remaining budget. Improving your network alarm monitoring capability is one of the best investments you can make with your fourth quarter budget. Read ahead to find out how you can maximize this year's budget, while planning ahead to 2008. Web LinkRead Full Story

Letters from Real DPS Clients


In Praise of DPS...

"We were impressed with the 'Can Do' attitude of your company. The thought of just making one phone call to you, to help us with our needs, is outstanding. Whether it is a sales or technical question, one phone call is all it will take."

-Mitchell Sperl
Ancom Communications and Technical Center

At my company, we feel comfortable allocating our end-of-year budget:
3 months before year end
2 months before year end
1 month before year end
We don't use budgets
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Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom
Eric Storm
Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom

Moving Forward to Serve You Better

The one constant with DPS is change. Every department moves forward with the ultimate goal of better serving our client base.

Our engineering department exemplifies this with our incremental engineering program. We are always adding new client-requested features to our software, but what many don’t know is that we have generational hardware as well. The NetGuardian 832 alarm remote is on its fourth generation. Each generation brings new value to our client base. This mindset has served us well in the past and we look forward to its continuation.

Some of our engineering changes are also focused on reducing manufacturing costs. This effort, in conjunction with other programs... Web LinkRead Full Letter

DPS Live Meeting Rooms - Immediate Answers To Your Network Monitoring Questions
Get All the Answers You Need in Less Than 45 Minutes

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Live Guided Tour

DPS Live Meeting Rooms allow you to get immediate answers about your network reliability in a personal web conference. You can see a live, personalized demonstration of network reliability solutions from the convenience of your workstation. By combining video/teleconferencing and real-time messaging, we create a virtual conference room where you can view presentations & application overviews from our Applications Engineers.

Call 1-800-693-0351 to setup your live meeting today.

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  • T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System
  • NetGuardian 832A
  • NetGuardian 216
  • SNMP Alarm Remote Overview

DPS Factory Training
Learn the Key to Making Your Job Easier

Upcoming DPS Factory Training Events: September 10-13 & October 8-11

There's still time to get into the next session of the most effective training program in the alarm monitoring industry. DPS Factory Training is hands-on, challenging, comprehensive and requires no tuition for qualified applicants. Sign up early and reserve your seat at the next upcoming Factory Training Events, September 10-13 and October 8-11 at DPS headquarters in sunny California. Sign up quickly because seating is limited.

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