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New SNMP Troubleshooting White Paper
Learn how to quickly identify and solve pesky SNMP reporting and interfacing problems. This latest DPS white paper covers SNMP remotes, MIB files, trap compatibility, firewall issues, and more.
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How to Get the Best Possible Value From Your NetGuardian
NetGuardian RTUs are loaded with capabilities that allow you to customize your monitoring system for your network. By using higher-level NetGuardian logic functions to better identify and report issues of concern, you can enhance your visibility and effectiveness. Here are some of the most powerful NetGuardian features that you might not be taking advantage of. Web Link Read Full Story

The NetGuardian 832A G4
The NetGuardian 832A G4: Secure Dual NICs, High-Speed Serial Ports, SNMP v2c, and More ...
The NetGuardian 832A G4 is a RoHS-compliant, Dual LAN-based, SNMP/DCPx remote telemetry unit. The NetGuardian has all the tools you need to manage your remote sites, including alarm monitoring, integrated terminal server, paging and email capabilities, greatly augmenting your alarm master. Web Link Read Full Story

Range Telephone Cooperative Uses Third-Party T/Mon Monitoring Service
Local exchange carrier Range Telephone Cooperative has leveraged a combination of its NetGuardian remotes and third-party alarm management provider VisioNet's T/Mon NOC to enhance its network visibility. After seeing the T/Mon SLIM at a DPS Factory Training event, Range also recognizes the potential to take its monitoring to the next level. Web LinkRead Full Story

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Michael Tiday
Range Telephone

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New NGEdit & NetGuardian Firmware Release
NGEdit, the Windows-based NetGuardian provisioning tool, and NetGuardian firmware have both received significant enhancements in the last few years. If you haven't yet downloaded the latest updates, see what you've been missing. Web Link Read Full Story

New Techno Knowledge Paper: How to Download Updated Firmware
Are your DPS products loaded with the latest firmware updates? The DPS Engineering team regularly updates product firmware to incorporate new functionality that enhances the value you get from your existing DPS products. Most firmware updates are available on the web at no cost to you. In the first of the new DPS Techno Knowledge Papers, learn how to locate and download updated firmware for your DPS products.

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I upgrade my RTU firmware:
Whenever a new version is released
When I see an improvement that I need
I don't upgrade my RTU firmware
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DPS Live Meeting Rooms - Immediate Answers To Your Network Monitoring Questions
Get All the Answers You Need in Less Than 45 Minutes

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Live Guided Tour

DPS Live Meeting Rooms allow you to get immediate answers about your network reliability in a personal web conference. You can see a live, personalized demonstration of network reliability solutions from the convenience of your workstation. By combining video/teleconferencing and real-time messaging, we create a virtual conference room where you can view presentations & application overviews from our Applications Engineers.

Call 1-800-693-0351 to setup your live meeting today.

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  • T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System
  • NetGuardian 832A
  • NetGuardian 216
  • SNMP Alarm Remote Overview

DPS Factory Training
Learn the Key to Making Your Job Easier

Upcoming DPS Factory Training Events Jan. 22-25 and Feb. 26-March 1

There's still time to get into the next session of the most effective training program in the alarm monitoring industry. DPS Factory Training is hands-on, challenging, comprehensive and requires no tuition for qualified applicants. Sign up early and reserve your seat at the next upcoming Factory Training Events, Jan. 22-25 and Feb. 26-March 1 at DPS headquarters in sunny California. Sign up quickly because seating is limited.

Last Minute Update: There are still a few seats available for our December training event (Dec. 4-7)

Web Link Learn More About DPS Factory Training
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Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom
Eric Storm
Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom

Troubleshooting SNMP and maximizing your value with DPS

SNMP is a protocol that, by its very nature, is supposed to be simple to setup and deploy in network elements. Theory and reality, however, are not always the same thing. Recognizing this, our SNMP subject matter experts have gotten together and created a new white paper that covers the most common issues that prevent SNMP implementations from working properly. If you are new to SNMP or are having problems with a particular deployment, I highly recommend downloading our new white paper: Practical Guide to SNMP Troubleshooting.

Along the same lines, we have also created a series of “Techno Knowledge Papers” that address the most common configuration issues... Web LinkRead Full Letter

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