Network Alarm Monitoring Fundamentals

Revised White Paper: Network Alarm Monitoring Fundamentals
Solid introduction to alarm monitoring essentials: what equipment you MUST monitor, how to design an alarm system to fit your immediate and future needs, how to minimize transition costs and more.
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San Juan County Completes Legacy Migration
In 1999 San Juan out grew their existing network alarm master and immediately benefited from the deployment of the T/Mon Alarm Management Platform. Over subsequent years they have been proactive with their network surveillance both in the field and at their NOC. Charles Rash, San Juan County Communications Technician provides first hand insight on the migration process. Also learn through their selection process of alarm remotes how they were able to improve visibility at their sites and gained new alarm telemetry at previously unreachable locations. Web Link Read Full Story

Charles Rash, Communications Technician
Charles Rash

Embedded Monitoring Equipment

8 Reasons Why You Should Use an RTU instead of Gear With Embedded Monitoring
Embedded alarm systems can be very convenient in the fact that you don have to make any decisions with your monitoring selection. You either get their system or you don’t. While embedded solutions cover the most basic aspects of alarm collection they can severely constrain your growth and network visibility. There are also many hidden cost associated with these solutions. Knowing these 8 reasons before you implement your next switch/transport upgrade will better position you to make informed monitoring technology selections. Web Link Read Full Story

The New NetGuardian 832A G4
The New NetGuardian 832A G4: Secure Dual NICs, High-Speed Serial Ports, SNMP v2c, RoHS and More ...
The NetGuardian 832A G4 is a RoHS-compliant, Dual LAN-based, SNMP/DCPx remote telemetry unit. The NetGuardian has all the tools you need to manage your remote sites, including alarm monitoring, integrated terminal server, paging and email capabilities, greatly augmenting your alarm master. Web Link Read Full Story

DPS Telecom Library

DPS Telecom Best Practice Library - Accelerate Your Alarming Expertise

The Protocol newsletter has been published for over 10 years. Over this time we have amassed a wealth of information on telecom best practices. This library includes: tech articles, success stories and case studies. Our category centric listing will provide easy access to the topics you are most interested in. Come explore over 10 years of insight and knowledge. Web Link Explore

My current remote alarm collection is best described as:
I use alarm points embedded in either my fiber, microwave, switch gear, etc.
I have external monitoring equipment but it is very old
I have contemporary external monitoring equipment
I don't have any discrete monitoring because I lost it with my last transport upgrade
I don't have any monitoring because me
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DPS Live Meeting Rooms - Immediate Answers To Your Network Monitoring Questions
Have All Your Questions Answered in Less Than 45 Minutes

DPS Live Meeting Rooms

DPS Live Meeting Rooms allow you to get immediate answers to your network reliability questions in a personal web conference. You can see a live, personalized demonstration of network reliability solutions from the convenience of your workstation. By combining video/teleconferencing, and instant messaging we create a virtual conference room, where you can view presentations & application overviews from our Applications Engineers.

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  • T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System
  • NetGuardian 832A
  • NetGuardian 216
  • SNMP Alarm Remote Overview

DPS Factory Training
Learn the Secret to Making Your Job Easier

Upcoming DPS Factory Training Events Sept. 11-14 and Oct. 16-19

There's still time to get into the next session of the most effective training program in the alarm monitoring industry. DPS Factory Training is hands-on, challenging, comprehensive and tuition free. Sign up early and guarantee your seat at the next upcoming Factory Training Events, Sept. 11-14 and Oct. 16-19 at DPS headquarters in sunny California. Signup quickly because seating is limited.

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Bob Berry, President & CEO
Bob Berry

Bob Berry, President & CEO

We Are In It For the Long Haul

We have been providing quality network alarm management and monitoring equipment for over 20 years. Many of our clients have been doing business with us for years and continue to do so because we have earned their trust as a company they can depend on for quality and support.

We do many things at DPS to foster long-term relationships because we understand that this is in both your and our best interests. Perhaps the most valued by our client base is the personal touch that we maintain throughout all phases of a project including post deployment.

We freely offer our extensive industry expertise to you in ways that enhance your operations. Many of our clients are involved in very long-term phase out projects. We maintain long product life cycles so you are able to finish your deployment with the same DPS equipment. Equally important, any company involved in long-term deployments want to make sure when they are ready for their next phase, the given vendor is still in business. Our 20 years of dedication provides our clients with this reassurance.

San Juan County of New Mexico is a great illustration of the above concepts and actions. San Juan County recently completed a multi year, multi site, and multi platform migration. Since day one we have been committed to helping clients like San Juan County to improve their network visibility by providing quality solutions and long-term support. Establishing long-term relationships with you is the corner stone of our business success. Bottom line, the key to accomplishing this is keeping you extremely satisfied by providing first-rate service, support and product. Providing monitoring solutions is what we do and we are in it for the long haul.

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