Demystifying the SNMP MIB

White Paper: SNMP MIB Tutorial
Learn how to quickly identify the alarm capabilities of any SNMP device. Everything you need to know about MIB files. A must-read for anyone who works with SNMP. Web Link Download White Paper

Jude Egbokwu, UnoTelos CEO
Jude Egbokwu
UnoTelos CEO
UnoTelos Keeps Alarm Monitoring in the Forefront of Nigeria's Rapid Growth
Having over 30 years of experience in the energy and telecommunications sectors in Nigeria, UnoTelos is helping its clients position themselves for sustained competition. With rapidly growing networks, UnoTelos is at the forefront, providing key insight about the importance of network alarm monitoring.Web Link Read Full Story

T/Mon SLIM: A Complete Guide to Managing Regional Networks
Tired of waiting for the central NOC to tell you about alarms in your own building? Want real-time access to the alarms you need to manage your small, local or regional network? This new White Paper shows how you can monitor your own local alarms using the new 1RU T/Mon SLIM. Web Link Download White Paper

Take Control of Your Alarms: A Cost-Effective Solution for Managing Regional Networks

Save time and cost before the first truck role
Before a truck role, find out what, where, when, why, how

Reduce Drive Time Aggravation with Detailed Alarm Monitoring
You can drastically shrink your windshield time when your alarms tell you the full details about remote site problems. Here's how T/Mon NOC SNMP and ASCII features leave major/minor summary alarms in the dust. Web Link Read Full Story

DPS Live Meeting Rooms - Immediate Answers To Your Network Monitoring Questions
Solve All Your Alarm Monitoring Problems in Less Than 45 Minutes

DPS Live Meeting Rooms

DPS Live Meeting Rooms allow you to get immediate answers to your network reliability questions in a personal web conference. You can see a live, personalized demonstration of network reliability solutions from the convenience of your workstation. By combining video/teleconferencing, and instant messaging we create a virtual conference room, where you can view presentations & application overviews from our Applications Engineers.

Call 1-800-693-0351 to setup your live meeting today.

  • DPS Telecom Product Line Overview
  • T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System
  • NetGuardian 832A
  • NetGuardian 216
  • SNMP Alarm Remote Overview

The chances of a service-affecting outage in my network is:
Very Probable : I only have basic network monitoring capacity, so I don't know about equipment failures until they cause real trouble.
Possible: There are a lot of crucial network elements that I'm not currently monitoring.
Unlikely: I have excellent network visibility, and very few service-affecting events can happen.
Slim to None: I have complete network visibility so equipment failures are detected and corrected before they can affect service.
Results From Last Month's Question ...
What is the most frustrating aspect of managing your network?
Software / hardware problems - 44%
No equipment training documentation - 40%
Legacy devices - 8%
Lack of resources - 4%
Windshield time - 4%
New equipment - 0%

DPS Factory Training
Factory Training 5/22-25/2006 - (From left to right) Vana Moua - DPS Telecom (Sales Support), Chris Hower - DPS Telecom (Applications Training Specialist), Jesse Kinsey - Entergy, Michael White - Entergy, Ronald Young - Entergy, Michael Newcomb - BNSF, Brian Hicks - Entergy, Jude Egbokwu - UnoTelos, Kamran Akhtari - BNSF,
Dean Rice - BNSF, Eric Storm - DPS Telecom (President)

Learn the Secret to Making Your Job Easier

Upcoming DPS Factory Training Events
July 31-Aug. 3 and Sept. 11-14

There's still time to get into the next session of the most effective training program in the alarm monitoring industry. DPS Factory Training is hands-on, challenging, comprehensive and tuition free. Sign up early and guarantee your seat at the next upcoming Factory Training Events, July 31-Aug. 3 and Sept. 11-14 at DPS headquarters in sunny California. Signup quickly because seating is limited.

Web Link Learn More About DPS Factory Training
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Bob Berry, President & CEO
Bob Berry

Bob Berry, President & CEO

Windshield Time is Unacceptable

Put a stop to unnecessary truck rolls, snowmobile/snow-cat and helicopter time. A large majority of these expenses can be avoided through accurately detailed alarm monitoring. You want to make sure your network monitoring will give you clear and precise information when problems happen.

If you get an alarm page at 3 AM, can you go back to bed or do you have to go to the remote site? The answer depends on the quality of your alarm monitoring. With detailed alarm data that tells you exactly what is wrong and the seriousness of the problem, you can evaluate the issue and decide how to best proceed.

Detailed alarm information allow you to properly dispatch technicians at the right time and with the right tools for the job. It is frustrating getting to a remote site only to find out you don’t have the proper supplies and having to go back for spare parts and different tools. When you have specific detail about a problem, you are better positioned to quickly resolve the issue.

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