How Rugged Engineering Prevents Network Downtime
In a perfect world your sites would supply a consistent voltage to your mission critical equipment constantly. But its not a perfect world. So what happens when something goes wrong? The last thing you want is a power fluctuation taking out your mission critical equipment as well as your alarm monitoring equipment. Here at DPS its our goal to make sure that you're never left in the dark; even when lightning strikes. Web Link Read Full Story

T/Mon 4.7

Derrick Stinnett and Jim Bower, EastLink
Utah InterLinx Finds The Visibility They Need With The T/Mon SLIM
For Utah InterLinx, a Competitive Access Provider in a rural market, an affordable network monitoring solution seemed hard to find. Most of the products they looked at just didn't address the needs of a smaller network and the ones that did failed to offer the level of visibility they were seeking. Then they found the T/Mon SLIM.
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Warren Stringham
Utah InterLinx

How To Monitor Every Small Site In Your Network Without Breaking Your Budget
Equipment damage and network outages happen at remote huts and collection cages as well as central offices. And it's a lot harder (and a lot more expensive!) to drive out to an isolated remote hut to locate and repair problems. We have the solution, learn more about the cost-effective NetGuardian 216 and how it can help your company.
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T/Mon NOC Alarm Monitoring System

New T/MON Software Module: Secure HTTPS Web Access
Virii, trojans, malware … as Internet risks increase, new remote access security standards are on the horizon. T/Mon users don't need to worry — the newest version of T/Mon's Web Browser Interface features encrypted HTTPS. Web Link Read Full Story

Acknowledge alarms from your cell phone or PDA

The NetGuardian 480 is a specialized variant of our popular NetGuardian alarm remote, optimized for use as a high-capacity SNMP responder. We've optimized the NetGuardian 480 to collect an entire site's worth of discrete alarm inputs and mediate them as SNMP traps.
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What is your number one cause of network outages?
Commercial Power Failures Environmental Control
Hardware Failures Software Failures
Power Systems Mother Nature
Vandalism Human Error

What Our Readers Are Saying…

"Thanks, for the training provided during the 3rd week of September. I was surprised at the level of training provided. It was in-depth and thorough. Just as enjoyable was the interaction with the instructors both during callroom time as well as the afternoon and evening meal sessions. I thoroughly, enjoyed the tour of your facilities it reminded me of a time when most American companies were much more resourceful and self contained. It was a breath of fresh air to see a company able to actually take projects from the drawing board to the final product and be so self contained. Just the idea of working products at the component level is an idea which is all but obsolete in most companies. "

George H. Smith Jr.
Network Surveillance Technician
Pac-West Telecom, Inc.


Learn the Secret to Making Your Job Easier

DPS Factory Training Events April 17-20 and May 22-25

There's still time to get into the next session of the most effective training program in the alarm monitoring industry. DPS Factory Training is hands-on, challenging, comprehensive and tuition free. Sign up early and guarantee your seat at the next upcoming Factory Training Events, April 17-20 or May 22-25 at DPS headquarters in sunny California. Signup quickly because seating is limited.
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Factory Training Resource and Reference Kit

Chris Hower, DPS Tech Support

DPS Telecom's Production Department: "We Work For You"
DPS Telecom manufactures all its products in-house in its own factory. Production Manager Annette Rinehart explains how the manufacturing process works — and the commitment behind it.

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Bob Berry, President & CEO
Bob Berry

Bob Berry, President & CEO
We Protect Your Network Like Your Business Depends On It

At DPS were constantly adapting to meet our clients’ needs. Whether you’re a small telecommunications provider for a rural network or running a nationwide operation we have a product for you. Our extensive in-house product testing and quality control measures ensure that we can provide you with the most dependable solution custom tailored to your monitoring needs.

I realize that monitoring is an important part of your career and that your ability to see problems before they happen is tied directly to the monitoring products you use. Just because you might have a smaller network doesn’t mean you don’t need a complete monitoring solution.

It’s my goal to provide you with the best monitoring solution possible regardless of your company’s size. That’s why our different products provide different levels of visibility for your network. Our in-house engineering and production capabilities allow us to provide you with a custom fit solution. You can continue monitoring your existing contemporary and legacy devices without the need for additional monitoring hardware saving room on your racks for revenue generating equipment.

If you’re in the market for a monitoring solution, you probably have a lot of questions. I can help you answer them. Take some time and download some of my White Papers so you can arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make an informed choice. When it comes to addressing your monitoring needs, I want to make sure that you have the tools necessary to guarantee that you’ll make the right decision the first time.

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