How T/Mon 4.7 Will Change Your Alarm Monitoring Forever
T/Mon 4.7 has just gotten even better with numerous productivity enhancements, new features and modes of operations, core improvements and module functionality increases that will make your network maintenance easier, faster and more cost-effective — which gives your network better protection against outages and equipment damage. Find out what the latest version of T/Mon has in store for you. Web Link Read Full Story

T/Mon 4.7

T/Mon NOC Alarm Monitoring System

How T/Mon NOC Has Gotten Even Better, You May Be Missing Out
When you select a network alarm monitoring system, you're making a choice that will stay with your network for as long as 10 years. It's smart to plan ahead and choose a monitoring system that's both advanced for today and adaptable for future needs.
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Derrick Stinnett and Jim Bower, EastLink
Triple Play Provider EastLink Manages Rapid Growth with T/Mon NOC
Video, data and voice provider EastLink's rapid growth and diverse mix of new technology was creating a huge network monitoring challenge. Today EastLink is taking the challenge and winning with T/Mon NOC.
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Derrick Stinnett and Jim Bower

Perfect-Fit Alarm Collection Remotes For All Your Network Sites

How Do I Know What Remote I Want?
Your network is growing and modernizing. You need new remotes for new sites. You want new remotes to replace worn-out legacy gear. If you've got a T/Mon, you've got a wide choice of advanced RTUs. Web Link Read Full Story

AlphaMax 82 A/S NetGuardian 216 NetGuardian 480 NetGuardian 16S NetGuardian 832A
Acknowledge alarms from your cell phone or PDA
Receive and acknowledge alarms from your cell phone or PDA

Acknowledge Alarms From Your Cell Phone Via Text Messaging
With T/Mon NOC, you can both receive and acknowledge alarms via cell phone text messaging. Here's how to set it up. Web Link Read Full Story

Chris Hower, DPS Tech Support

DPS Telecom Tech Support: Real Live Engineers, Not Voice Mail
When you're alone at a remote site, trying to fix a stubborn problem, you need a live human being who knows how to help … not a choice between pressing 1, 2 or the Star key. DPS Tech Support Chief Chris Hower explains why his team goes the extra mile for you. Web Link Read Full Story

Chris Hower
Tech Support

Learn the Secret to Making Your Job Easier

DPS Factory Training Events March 13-16 and April 17-20

There's still time to get into the next session of the most effective training program in the alarm monitoring industry. DPS Factory Training is hands-on, challenging, comprehensive and tuition free. Sign up early and guarantee your seat at the next upcoming Factory Training Events, March 13-16 or April 17-20 at DPS headquarters in sunny California. Signup quickly because seating is limited.
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Factory Training Resource and Reference Kit
Factory Training Resource and Reference Kit

Bob Berry, President & CEO
Bob Berry

Bob Berry, President & CEO

Make no mistakes about it, I am here to sell you alarm monitoring

But … I am passionate about empowering you with the tools and knowledge that you need to make your critical monitoring decisions. Big budget decisions are not made overnight, nor are they made on a whim.

Sometimes you may know very little about a subject, and that is when you are most susceptible to the hype. I want to cut straight through that and show you the nuts and bolts of my products and how they will make your alarm monitoring a whole heck of a lot easier and more reliable to boot.

From the T/Mon NOC and T/Mon SLIM, providing centralized global operations alarm visibility, to our Netguardian 832A and the Netguardian 16S, with large to medium site monitoring capabilities, to our smaller RTUs like the AlphaMax, NetGuardian 216 or DPM/DCMs, giving you just the right size remote for the smallest of needs, we can provide you with the perfect fit solution to any of your alarm monitoring problems.

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P.S. And my business doesn't include leaving my clients hanging after the sale, for as long as you own my products I am here for you. When calling for support, you can look forward to speak to a live, competent human being who understands your equipment and can solve your problem.

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