NetGuardian-16S RTU

The New NetGuardian-16S: Our Most Powerful RTU Ever
The NetGuardian-16S is the next evolution of the widely deployed NetGuardian 832A. New capabilities include twice the serial ports with faster rates, dual NIC, local severity status, dial-out voice annunciation and software improvements. Read Full Story

Essential Network Alarm Monitoring

Tutorial: Essential Network Alarm Monitoring
Solid introduction to alarm monitoring essentials: what equipment you MUST monitor, how to design an alarm system to fit your immediate and future needs, how to minimize transition costs and more.
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Fred Marvin, Radio Tech Would You Trust Your Life to Your Alarm Monitoring?
Millions of people depend on 911 and emergency communications systems supported by T/Mon. Al Long of EFI provider Mid-State C&E explains why he recommends T/Mon alarm monitoring to his public safety agency clients.
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Fred Marvin
Radio Tech, Steuben Co. NY

Building Access System
Control Every Door at Your Remote Sites
Get control of your remote sites — without wasting money on a separate security system. The Building Access System for T/Mon controls door access, provides keyless entry and maintains security logs of valid entries and invalid access attempts. Read Full Story

T/Mon DTMF/Voice Interface
End Nuisance Door Alarms at Unmanned Sites
That door alarm from an empty site — is it an intruder, or the usual tech making his rounds? With the new and improved T/Mon DTMF/Voice Interface, techs can phone in their validation code directly to T/Mon NOC or T/Mon SLIM, freeing the NOC staff from nuisance alarms and bothersome phone calls. With the absolute minimum of set up, the DTMF/Voice Interface is the low-overhead solution to monitoring door entry. Read Full Story

DPS Factory Training is the best way to learn T/Mon and DPS remotes.
Learn the Secret to Making Your Job Easier at the Next DPS Factory Training Event — March 13-16
There's still time to get into the next session of the most effective training program in the alarm monitoring industry. DPS Factory Training is hands-on, challenging, comprehensive and tuition free. Sign up early and guarantee your seat at the next DPS Factory Training Event, March 13-16 at DPS headquarters in sunny California. Sign Up Now for DPS Factory Training

Bob Berry, President & CEO
Bob Berry

Bob Berry, President & CEO

Who's Running Your Network?

Are you running your network, or is your network running you? Maintaining your telecom network is often a pain in the rear — a frustrating hassle of endless site visits, expensive equipment damage and network outages.

DPS Telecom has the tools that will stop your frustration. For 20 years, DPS has designed and manufactured effective network alarm systems, custom built to our clients' specific needs.

DPS products like the T/Mon NOC Network Alarm System, the T/Mon SLIM Network Alarm System, the NetGuardian 832A RTU and the new NetGuardian-16S power RTU will give you the power to get early warning of equipment and environmental problems before they cause a disaster — to prioritize and pre-schedule site visits — even correct problems immediately by remote control.

If you're dreading another year of the same old problems, take action now. Start 2006 right by strengthening your network alarm monitoring — you'll thank yourself for it all the rest of the year and beyond.

You can start right now — sign up for a no-obligation network vulnerability consultation and DPS product Web demo and get straight answers to all your questions about network monitoring. You're not committing yourself to anything. You won't be bothered by high-pressure salesman. But you will get straightforward information to help you take back control of your network.

Sign up now for a no-obligation Web demo of DPS alarm solutions

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