5 Steps to Intelligent SNMP-Legacy Integration

White Paper: 5 Steps to Intelligent SNMP-Legacy Integration
Learn how to make your current alarm monitoring equipment compatible with any SNMP manager — without losing time, money or functionality.
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What's New: T/Mon SLIMSNMP Implementation GuideRead and Understand SNMP MIBs

Ted Van Tuyl Creative Solution: Convert Your LEDs to Contact Closures
Ted Van Tuyl of Click! Network created a unique monitoring application that converts LEDs to contact closures, using DPS equipment.
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Ted Van Tuyl
Lead Broadband Technician
Click! Network

T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System
Know 100% for Certain That Your Network is Secure
Do you monitor remote alarms from many different types of equipment? Then you need T/Mon, the remote alarm monitoring system uniquely designed to integrate all your alarms to one screen. Read Full Story

T/Mon SLIM Remote Alarm Monitoring System
T/Mon SLIM: Just 1RU, But It Monitors Your Entire Small Network
With T/Mon SLIM, networks as small as 3 to 15 remote sites can have centralized alarm monitoring. T/Mon SLIM consolidates alarms from multiple sites, multiple devices and multiple protocols on one monitoring screen, just like a large, full-featured alarm master — but T/Mon SLIM is a light-capacity 1 RU device that any small company can afford. Read Full Story

NetGuardian with 4.0 firmware
Turbocharge Your NetGuardian with SNMP v2.0
The new NetGuardian 4.0 firmware adds SNMP v2c support, robust message delivery via SNMP INFORM command, customizable alarm severity levels and alarm point grouping, plus a whole lot more. Get the full details on everything that’s new and how you can upgrade to NetGuardian 4.0. Read Full Story

NetGuardian 216

Monitor Small Sites Without Overspending on Excess Alarm Capacity
If you think you can't monitor your small sites cost-effectively, the NetGuardian 216 will change your mind. This light-capacity LAN-based RTU for SNMP, TL1, and DCP makes it possible to install network monitoring anywhere in your network, without spending a fortune on extra alarm capacity. Read Full Story

DPS Factory Training is the best way to learn T/Mon and DPS remotes.
Beat the Rush for the First 2006 DPS Factory Training Event: January 30-February 2, 2006
There's no more available seats for 2005 Factory Training … so beat the rush and sign up now for the first DPS Telecom Factory Training Event of 2006: January 30-February 2, 2006. Come and see why so many telecom professionals are attending intense, hands-on, tuition-free DPS factory training.
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Bob Berry, President & CEO
Bob Berry

Bob Berry, President & CEO

A Year of Challenges Shows Why Alarm Monitoring is Essential Insurance

If you want your higher-ups to really understand why network alarm monitoring is important, have them talk to any network manager who worked on the Gulf Coast in 2005. Repeatedly slammed by the fiercest hurricane season in history, the region's telecom providers faced the huge challenge of keeping their infrastructure up in the middle of disaster.

The one factor that made a difference in maintaining service was network alarm monitoring. High-quality network visibility enabled Gulf Coast carriers to pinpoint exactly where trouble was advancing and how severe it was — so that even companies with limited repair resources could keep the bulk of their networks running during the emergency.

You might not face hurricanes where you work, but you know that 2006 will bring many tough challenges your way. You can face your challenges with more confidence if you know that you have the best possible visibility of your network.

So as you're wrapping up your operations for 2005, take stock of your network and see where you might need to upgrade your monitoring. Some extra precautions this year will help guarantee that your New Year is a happy one.

P.S. DPS Telecom will be closed the week of Dec. 26-30. I hope that you, too, will be out of the office and spending time with your family. Have a great holiday, and I'll see you in 2006!

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