How to Build a NOC Without Destroying Your Budget

New White Paper: How to Build a NOC Without Destroying Your Budget
Monitor your small network with all the power of central, consolidated alarm monitoring, at an economical cost per point that's easy to justify. This White Paper gives you the full specs on the tool that makes it possible.
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T/Mon SLIM Remote Alarm Monitoring System
T/Mon SLIM back panel

T/Mon SLIM: The 1RU Box That Makes Your Other Boxes Work Together
Tired of tracking your remote sites with a million pager messages a day? Want to install a full alarm monitoring system, but think you can't justify the purchase? With the economical T/Mon SLIM, it makes sense to monitor even a small number of sites on one screen. Read Full Story

Stem the Flood of Nuisance Alarms
A flood of nuisance alarms (nothing-wrong status alarms, no-action-required alarms, alarms you already know about, etc.) can make your alarm monitoring virtually useless. T/Mon SLIM gives you the tools to filter, sort and prioritize your alarms, so you can pinpoint the information you need and leave out the rest. Read Full Story

Correlate Multiple Alarms to Create Plain English Diagnostics
Even small networks can produce a dizzying swarm of alarms from different devices. T/Mon SLIM gives you a powerful tool that can correlate the mass of data and quickly identify real problems and their root causes — it can even automatically correct problems and tell you when events DON'T happen.
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Rick Jacobson
3 Rivers Pounces on Fiber Cuts Using T/Mon ASCII Alarm Processing
When an overenthusiastic backhoe operator cut a major fiber line, Rick Jacobson of 3 Rivers Telephone knew about the problem almost immediately and was able to fix it fast — thanks to T/Mon's ASCII Alarm Processor. Read Full Story

Rick Jacobson
Network Technician
3 Rivers Telephone


Seize Your 4th Quarter Opportunity to Upgrade Your Network Monitoring
2005 will be over soon — if you've been thinking it's time to fill in the gaps in your network monitoring, the 4th quarter is the time to do it. Here's why improving your alarm monitoring is your best 4th quarter investment … plus a tip on how you can beat the year-end rush.
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Bob Berry, President & CEO
Bob Berry

Bob Berry, President & CEO

Does Size Matter?

In terms of business savvy, being small is often an advantage. Small companies quickly learn to grow smart — if you don't have the resources of a large corporation, you can't afford luxuries.

But that doesn't mean small companies need to cripple their network alarm monitoring capabilities. A lot of my clients are rural telcos, independent service providers and other small-scale companies. If you're one of these clients, you know that alarm monitoring is vital to your business — but you also know that you've got to justify every equipment purchase and make the most of every tool you have.

To make sure that you can have the alarm monitoring you need on the scale you require, we created the newest version of the T/Mon monitoring platform — T/Mon SLIM. T/Mon SLIM offers the same software capabilities as T/Mon NOC, but in a compact, light-capacity, affordable format.

You can see the full specifications of the T/Mon SLIM in this issue's White Paper, "How to Build a NOC Without Destroying Your Budget." You'll also see how T/Mon SLIM can consolidate your network monitoring on one screen and monitor your network much more effectively. If you run a small network, this is a must read … check it out now.

"How to Build a NOC Without Destroying Your Budget "

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