How to Stop Network Outages

White Paper: Take Control of Your Alarms — A Complete Guide to Managing Regional Networks
Tired of waiting for the central NOC to tell you about alarms in your own building? Want real-time access to the alarms you need to manage your small, local or regional network? This new White Paper shows how you can monitor your own local alarms using the new 1RU T/Mon SLIM
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Independently monitor local alarms  

What's New: T/Mon SLIMSNMP Implementation GuideRead and Understand the SNMP MIB

T/Mon SLIM Remote Alarm Monitoring System
T/Mon NOC vs. T/Mon SLIM: Which Master is Right for Your Network?
T/Mon SLIM, the new 1RU light-capacity alarm master, provides total visibility of local and regional alarms, plus seamlessly forwards alarms to a central T/Mon NOC or SNMP manager.
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Paul Briesh, Baca Valley Telephone Company
Paul Briesh
General Manager
Baca Valley Tel.
Baca Valley Telephone Cuts Monster Windshield Time with Alarm Monitoring
Baca Valley Telephone of Des Moines, NM, had a small windshield time problem involving a mountaintop that's only reachable by Sno-Cat. General manager Paul Briesh explains how he's replaced expensive drive time with cost-effective alarm monitoring. Read Full Story

T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System 12 T/Mon NOC Features That Will Make Your Network Maintenance Easy, Faster, and More Bullet-Proof
What's the bottom line on what T/Mon NOC can do for you? If you're deciding whether you need to upgrade to T/Mon NOC — or if you want to use your existing T/Mon NOC to its fullest — you need to see this list of T/Mon NOC's 12 most effective tools for protecting and maintaining your network. Read Full Story

Evaluate these RTUs for your needs

RTU Evaluation Guide
Finding the right RTU for all your remote sites can be overwhelming. You need to balance alarm capacity, available transport and the different needs of diverse sites. Here's how to pick an RTU that scales to your changing needs. Read Full Story

Time's Running Out ... Use This 4th Quarter to Improve Your Network Monitoring
2005 will be over soon — if you've been thinking it's time to fill in the gaps in your network monitoring, the 4th quarter is the time to do it. Here's why improving your alarm monitoring is your best 4th quarter investment … plus a tip on how you can beat the year-end rush.
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December 5-8
There's just one final DPS Factory Training Event left for 2005: December
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Bob Berry, President & CEO
Bob Berry

Bob Berry, President & CEO

You clients are demanding and never satisfied.
I wouldn't want you any other way.

There's an old saying: "The reasonable man adapts himself to suit his environment. The unreasonable man wants to adapt his environment to suit himself. Therefore, all progress is made by unreasonable men."

Some vendors think client requests are unreasonable demands. I say that client requests are the engines of progress — it's by really listening to your requests and your needs that DPS Telecom develops new and better products.

This month's White Paper profiles the latest in what's new from DPS — T/Mon SLIM, a complete network alarm monitoring system in 1RU package. T/Mon SLIM is the perfect solution for small, local and regional networks that need the power of T/Mon scaled to their needs. What can you do with T/Mon SLIM, and is it the right network visibility solution for you?

To get the answers, check out this full guide to T/Mon SLIM applications:

"Take Control of Your Alarms — A Complete Guide to Managing Regional Networks "

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