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New White Paper: Take Control of Your Alarms — A Cost-Effective Solution for Managing Regional Networks
Do you have real-time access to the alarms you need to manage your small, local or regional network? Tired of waiting for the central NOC to tell you about alarms in your own building? This new White Paper shows how you can take control of your local alarms using the new 1RU T/Mon solution.
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T/Mon R Remote Alarm Monitoring System
New Product! T/Mon SLIM Delivers High-Powered Network Visibility for Local/Regional Networks
The power of T/Mon NOC alarm monitoring — scaled to your small, local, or regional network. The new 1RU T/Mon unit monitors 64 devices and 7,500 alarm points. It’s the ideal solution for integrating SNMP, ASCII, NetGuardian and legacy alarms from your local sites.
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Charles Curry
Chronos Teaches Senior Managers: You Must Budget to Improve Infrastructure
Chronos Technology, Ltd., the UK's leading provider of turnkey network synchronization tools, uses client education to overcome senior managers' resistance to investing in network infrastructure. Read Full Story

Charles Curry
Managing Director
Chronos Technology


NetGuardian with 4.0 firmware
Turbocharge Your NetGuardian With SNMP v2c
The new NetGuardian 4.0 firmware adds SNMP v2c support, robust message delivery via SNMP INFORM command, customizable alarm severity levels and alarm point grouping, plus a whole lot more. Get the full details on everything that’s new and how you can upgrade to NetGuardian 4.0. Read Full Story

Rick Jacobson
A photo caption in the June 14 Protocol incorrectly identified Rick Jacobson. Jacobson is a network technician for 3 Rivers Telephone, not NOS Communications, as it stated in the caption. Read how 3 Rivers quickly located a fiber cut in “3 Rivers Pounces on Fiber Cuts Using T/Mon ASCII Alarm Processing” Read Full Story

Rick Jacobson
Network Technician
3 Rivers Telephone


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Bob Berry, President & CEO
Bob Berry, President & CEO

Bob Berry, President & CEO

T/Mon SLIM Puts You in Charge of Your Alarms

A centralized, 24-hour manned NOC is a great thing, if you're the person in charge of the entire network. But if you work in the trenches to keep the network going, the central NOC probably doesn't give you the real-time notification of the alarms you’re responsible for. And if you work for a small company, a 24-hour NOC might be completely out of your reach.

As I’ve listened to my clients describe their problems, it became clear that people needed a medium-level alarm monitoring solution — a unit that had all the features of T/Mon NOC, at a capacity scaled for a small or regional network. A unit that any company or even any department could afford.

The new 1RU T/Mon SLIM is the regional alarm monitoring solution you’ve been looking for: cost-effective, powerful and easy to use. Check out the full details in the new White Paper:
“Take Control of Your Alarms — A Cost-Effective Solution for Managing Regional Networks”

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