5 Steps to Successful SNMP-Legacy Integration

White Paper: 5 Steps to Intelligent SNMP-Legacy Integration
Learn how to make your current alarm monitoring equipment compatible with any SNMP manager — without losing time, money or functionality. Download White Paper

NetGuardian with 4.0 firmware
Turbocharge Your NetGuardian With SNMP v2c
The new NetGuardian 4.0 firmware adds SNMP v2c support, robust message delivery via SNMP INFORM command, customizable alarm severity levels and alarm point grouping, plus a whole lot more. Get the full details on everything that’s new and how you can upgrade to NetGuardian 4.0. Read Full Story

Ted Van Tuyl
Creative Solution: Convert Your LEDs to Contact Closures
Ted Van Tuyl of Click! Network created a unique monitoring application that converts LEDs to contact closures, using DPS equipment.
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T/Mon NOC's ASCII alarm processing monitors all standard telecom equipment.
If It Can Print, You Can Monitor It
Hate meaningless major/minor summary alarms? There's a better way to monitor switches, SONET gear, channel banks, and any other device that has a printer/logger port — T/Mon's ASCII alarm processing. Here's why ASCII alarms are so powerful, and how you can put them to work. Read Full Story

DPS Factory Training is the best way to learn T/Mon and DPS remotes.
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July 18-21 and August 22-25

The June DPS Factory Training Event is already overbooked … come see why so many telemetry professionals want this intense, hands-on 4-day course. The next available Training Events will be held July 18-21 and August 22-25 at DPS headquarters in Fresno, California. Sign up now … while seats are still available.
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Bob Berry, President & CEO
Bob Berry, President & CEO

Bob Berry, President & CEO

A Little Paranoia is Healthy

When you're planning your network monitoring, you've got to think about every little thing that can go wrong — because sooner or later nearly everything goes wrong, and small failures can bring down a whole site.

For example, think about everything that goes into your backup power supply: the batteries, the rectifier, the generator, the generator starter, the fuel level of the generator tank … if any one of these factors isn't operational when the AC fails, your site can go dark without warning.

It's not enough to just monitor your primary systems and trust that the backup systems will always be there. So be a little bit paranoid. You'll get a lot more trouble from monitoring too little than monitoring too much.


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