CopperCom's CSX Softswitch Brings 5-9s Reliability to Next-Gen Telephony
CopperCom's CSX softswitch combines VoIP and circuit switching in a
practical unit for rural telcos — and with an integrated NetGuardian 832A, the CSX is 5-9s reliable, NEBS-certified and RUS-listed. Full Story Online
With an integrated NetGuardian 832A, the CSX is 5-9s reliable.

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Act Now Before It's Too Late!
The end of the year is fast approaching — it's your last chance to use your 4th quarter budget to fill the gaps in your network monitoring. Here's why improving your alarm monitoring is your best 4th quarter investment … plus a tip on how you can beat the year-end rush. Full Story Online

The DPS Telecom Factory Training Resouce and Reference Kit

The Factory Training Resource and Reference Kit

DPS Training for T/Mon and NetGuardian RTUs in Sunny CA, October 18-21

"DPS Factory Training answers the questions that you just can't get answered over the phone"
— Ed Hassell, NOC Manager

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Learn your DPS equipment in-depth, fast and easy — take advantage of DPS Factory Training, Oct. 18-21 at DPS headquarters in Fresno, California. This intensive 4-day course will teach you how to use T/Mon and DPS remotes right from Day 1. Class sizes are limited to 9 participants, so register now to beat the rush.

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