In Today's Issue ... August 26, 2004

Full Story Online Monitor small sites without overspending on excess alarm capacity
Full Story Online TMon Tip: How to optimize alarm windows for a bird's-eye view of your total network
Full Story Online Don't miss your last chance this year to improve your network monitoring
Full Story Online One RTU — 11 Versatile Functions for Managing Every Part of Your Remote Site
Full Story Online Sign up now for DPS Factory Training, Sept 13-16

Learn How You Can Reduce or Eliminate the 12 Most Common Causes of Windshield Time

Bob Berry, President & CEO
Bob Berry, President & CEO

If you manage remote site maintenance, I don't have to tell you how much money is wasted on unnecessary windshield time. Every truck roll that could have been avoided increases operational expenses and nibbles away at your company's profitability.

And if you work in a large rural area or a dense urban center, your windshield time really adds up. Sure, some truck rolls are absolutely necessary — but how many can be eliminated with better monitoring and better remote control of on-site equipment?

I've identified the 12 most common causes of excessive windshield time — and put this information in a comprehensive white paper: "12 Leading Causes of Windshield Time and How You Can Avoid Them."

Download this white paper now and get immediate answers to your windshield time questions. It won't cost you a penny, but it will help you save hours of wasted time and thousands of dollars of needless expense.

12 Leading Causes of Windshield Time and How You Can Avoid Them


Bob Berry, President & CEO

NetGuardian 216

16 discrete, 2 analog, SNMP, TL1, DCP, DCPf, DCPx

Monitor Small Sites Without Overspending on Excess Alarm Capacity
If you think you can't monitor your small sites cost-effectively, the NetGuardian 216 will change your mind. This light-capacity LAN-based RTU for SNMP, TL1, and DCP makes it possible to install network monitoring anywhere in your network, without spending a fortune on extra alarm capacity. Full Story Online

T/Mon Tip: How to Optimize Alarm Windows for a Birds'-Eye View of Your Total Network
You'll get more control over your network when you see the status of all your systems on one screen. Here's how you should plan your T/Mon alarm windows to see your whole network's status in one glance. Full Story Online

Optimize your T/MonXM windows layout to provide at-a-glance network status

Don't Miss Your Last Chance to Improve Your Network Monitoring Before the End of the Year
If you want to make the most of your fourth quarter budget, you've got to start planning now. Here's why improving your network monitoring is your best fourth-quarter investment — plus a tip on how you can beat the end-of-the-year rush. Full Story Online

One RTU — 11 Versatile Functions for Managing Every Part of Your Remote Site
If you have a remote site monitoring need, chances are the NetGuardian 832A can meet it. Here's 11 versatile reasons why the NetGuardian is right for you. Full Story Online

NetGuardian 832A remote telemetry unit

32 discretes, 32 pings, 8 analogs, 8 controls and 8 serial ports for SNMP or T/Mon: the multifunction NetGuardian 832A remote telemetry unit

The DPS Telecom Factory Training Resouce and Reference Kit

The Factory Training Resource and Reference Kit

Sign Up Now for DPS Factory Training September 13–16

"DPS Factory Training answers the questions that you just can't get answered over the phone"
— Ed Hassell, NOC Manager

Achieve your network monitoring goals fast — don't miss the next DPS Telecom Factory Training Event, Sept. 13–16 at DPS headquarters in Fresno, California. This intensive 4-day course will teach you how to use T/Mon and your DPS remotes to the fullest from Day 1. Class sizes are limited to 12 participants, so register now to beat the rush.

What you'll get from a Factory Training Event
View the Factory Training Event Calendar

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