In Today's Issue ... August 11, 2004

Send me your toughest monitoring questions — and I'll send you a report with answers you can use

Bob Berry, President & CEO
Bob Berry, President & CEO

I'm putting together a new report on network alarm monitoring, and I want to make sure that it answers all of your most important questions.

So I want to know — what's your biggest network alarm monitoring problem?

Just type your problem in the box below and hit submit. In exchange for your advice, I'll send you a copy of the report when it's finished (it should be just a few more weeks).

This survey will take less than a minute, and it's your chance to get a straight answer to your toughest network alarm monitoring problem. Your name and email address are NOT required and all questions will remain completely anonymous.

(If you’d like to get a preview of what the report will be like, check out "5 Days to Successful SNMP-Legacy Integration" — a unique 5-day email course based on an earlier survey of network managers.)

So think about your biggest, most difficult problem with your network alarm monitoring and respond to the form below:

What's your biggest network alarm monitoring problem?

Or visit the online form at:

Thanks for your advice — I appreciate your help.


Bob Berry, President & CEO

T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System How You Can Monitor 24-7 Without a 24-7 NOC
In today’s economy, you’re under pressure to maintain 99.999% reliability while cutting staff costs to the bone. It’s a tough challenge, but T/Mon can help you tackle it. Here’s how T/Mon gives you the tools to monitor 24-7 without a highly trained 24-7 NOC staff. Full Story Online

SNMP Legacy Integration Training

Learn the Essentials of SNMP-Legacy Integration in Just 5 Days
If you need to know the facts about SNMP-legacy integration and don't have time to waste, you need to enroll in this exciting new email course, “5 Days to Successful SNMP-Legacy Integration.” In less than a week, you'll learn how you can integrate your legacy gear and SNMP without sacrificing functionality or wasting money — just by checking your email.

Sign up for 5 day email course on successful SNMP-legacy integration


BNSF Railway Upgrades its Network Monitoring to Meet the Demands of a Growing Network
Managing a 21st century railroad means moving data as well as moving freight. The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (BNSF) ensures its network reliability by following a proactive upgrade strategy of its network monitoring capabilities. Full Story Online

BNSF Railway Upgrades its Network Monitoring
BNSF Railway's Proactive Upgrade Strategy Supports Modern Scheduling and Dispatch Network (Graphics courtesy of BNSF)

Critical Alarm Enunciator

DPS Factory Training: The Class That Makes Your Job Easier
What will you get from DPS Factory Training? Listen to what these network techs who attended the July DPS Factory Training Event had to say. “Factory training helps us with our installation, our operations … it answers the questions you can’t get answered over the phone.” Full Story Online

July 2004 DPS Factory Training Class

How to Send a Heartbeat Alarm from T/Mon
If you’re forwarding alarms from your T/Mon to an SNMP manager, SCADA system or other upper-level master, you want a constant confirmation that your T/Mon is up and running. Problem: SNMP managers and most SCADA systems don’t poll to confirm status of managed elements. Solution: Configure your T/Mon to send a constant “system operational” signal on its own. Here’s how you can do it. Full Story Online
Configure Your T/Mon to Send a Heartbeat Alarm

Don't Miss Your Last Chance to Improve Your Network Monitoring Before the End of the Year
If you want to make the most of your fourth quarter budget, you've got to start planning now. Here's why improving your network monitoring is your best fourth-quarter investment — plus a tip on how you can beat the end-of-the-year rush. Full Story Online

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