In Today's Issue ... July 15, 2004

Bob Berry, President & CEO
Bob Berry, President & CEO

Right now you have a unique opportunity to get a completely new T/Mon system in two easy, cost-effective steps I've just released two milestone updates to T/Mon: the T/Mon NOC hardware platform and T/MonXM software version 4.5.

It's an easy migration from your current system to the next-generation T/Mon that will meet your future needs for years to come.

T/Mon NOC's hardware improvements include alarm processing that's 2–4 times faster than the IAM-5 or T/MonXM WorkStation; a hard drive mirroring option, and swappable expandable Port Interface Cartridges. T/Mon NOC is fully compatible with your existing T/MonXM database, and it supports T/MonXM 4.5 and all future T/MonXM updates.

The new T/MonXM 4.5 software incorporates over 20 major improvements and new software modules, including: support for Modbus devices; improved support for legacy remotes from Larse, Badger™, and NEC™; redundant dual-master database synchronization; enhanced system security; and more. T/MonXM 4.5 runs on your existing T/Mon or IAM system, and it's an ideal bridge for moving up to the new T/Mon NOC hardware platform.

There's a lot more you need to know about how T/Mon NOC and T/MonXM 4.5 will make your network monitoring easier and more effective. So I've prepared two special reports to give you the full details. Download them now and find out everything the next-generation T/Mon will do for you.


Bob Berry, President & CEO

PS: If you're a T/Mon Gold Plan Member, you may be able to upgrade to T/Mon NOC at 50% off call 1-800-693-0351 for details.

PDF Download T/Mon NOC: The Next Generation Hardware Platform for the T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring System
What's new in T/MonXM 4.5

7 Tools in the New T/Mon NOC for Faster, Easier More Effective Network Monitoring
What can you achieve with the new T/Mon NOC? Plenty. Here's 9 key hardware advances in T/Mon NOC and what they'll do for you
Full Story Online


Kevin Arthur-Central Utah Telephone

Central Utah Telephone Prevents Service Outages and Equipment Losses with Proactive Network Monitoring
With a widespread service area and long windshield times between sites, Central Utah Telephone depends on the IAM-5 and the KDA to manage their network reliability.
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Kevin Arthur, Central Utah Telephone network operations manager

QuickTip: Synchronizing Primary and Secondary Databases in Dual Redundant Master Systems
You need monitoring 24-7 to ensure your network stays up with 99.999% reliability. Using TMonNet, a component of T/MonXM, you can perform databasing without ever interrupting your network monitoring—here's how to do it. Full Story Online

Redundant Master Systems

Don't Miss Your Last Chance to Improve Your Network Monitoring Before the End of the Year
If you want to make the most of your fourth quarter budget, you've got to start planning now. Here's why improving your network monitoring is your best fourth-quarter investment plus a tip on how you can beat the end-of-the-year rush.
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SNMP Legacy Integration Training

Learn the Essentials of SNMP-Legacy Integration in Just 5 Days
If you need to know the facts about SNMP-legacy integration and don't have time to waste, you need to enroll in this exciting new email course, 5 Days to Successful SNMP-Legacy Integration. In less than a week, you'll learn how you can integrate your legacy gear and SNMP without sacrificing functionality or wasting money just by checking your email.

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Learn How To Use Your DPS Equipment More Effectively at Factory Training, July 26–29
Are you getting the most out of your monitoring system investment? Do you have the feeling that you could do much more with your TMon/IAM system than you are now? Then you don't want to miss the DPS Factory Training Event, July 26–29 at DPS headquarters in Fresno, California. This intense 4-day training program will give you the inside track on how to use your DPS equipment to the fullest from Day 1. Class sizes are limited to 12 attendees, so register now.

What you'll get from a Factory Training Event
View the Factory Training Event Calendar and Register Today

Factory Training Materials

The Factory Training Resource and Reference Kit

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