In Today's Issue ... June 23, 2004

Learn SNMP-Legacy Integration in Just 5 Days

Bob Berry, President & CEO
Bob Berry, President & CEO

If you need to know the facts about SNMP-legacy integration and don't have time to waste, you need to enroll for my new email course, “5 Days to Successful SNMP-Legacy Integration.”

In less than a week, you'll learn how you can integrate your legacy gear and SNMP without sacrificing functionality or wasting money — just by checking your email.

I know this course has the information you want, because you helped me create it. In a previous issue of The Protocol, I asked you to send me your most important questions about SNMP-legacy integration, and I was overwhelmed with responses.

I took the answers to your questions and added the most important parts of the SNMP Tutorial and SNMP Implementation Guide. The result is a super-meaty technical guide that will teach you more in 5 days than you'll learn anywhere else.

Sign up now to receive Day 1: “Overcoming the Three Most Common Barriers to Integration.”


Bob Berry, President & CEO

SNMP Essentials in 5 Days
Sign up for 5 Day email course on successful SNMP-legacy integration

Perfect-Fit Alarm Collection Remotes
Perfect-Fit Alarm Collection Remotes For All Your Network Sites
Whether you are looking for alarm collection remotes that can handle anything the largest of central offices can dish out or complete visibility in the tiniest of remote huts, you'll find the solution that fits your unique situation best. Full Story Online

Last Issue's Top 3 Articles:

  1. How to Implement SNMP Alarm Monitoring in Your Network: A Practical, Step-by-Step Guide
  2. Why 175 companies have made the NetGuardian 832A their number one choice for remote site monitoring
  3. QuickTips: How to get notification when a scheduled event fails to occur

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Success Story Hall of Fame

How To Back Up and Restore NetGuardian 832A Configurations From NGEdit or FTP

Backing Up and Restoring NetGuardian Configurations

The NetGuardian has a lot of configurable data, and with this quick and easy "How To" you'll be able to store and retrieve backups and configurations in just a few steps. These instructions cover NGEdit and FTP. For more information ...

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