In Today's Issue ... May 5, 2004

"Are You Trusting Embedded Alarm Systems to Monitor Your Sites?"

Bob Berry, President & CEO
Bob Berry, President & CEO
4 Reasons Why Depending on Scan Points Can Be Risky

At the last Factory Training Event, a client asked: “Why do I need a network alarm monitoring system anyway? All my equipment has embedded alarm systems. Isn't that enough?” It's a fair question, but it's not a question of whether it's enough.   It's the difference between being proactive and reactive.   The difference between monitoring and the appearance of monitoring.   Here's why.

1. Too Many Screens:
2. You Can't Leave the Console:
3. Single Point of Failure:
4. One-Threshold Environmental Monitoring:

If you rely solely on embedded alarms, you'll have blind spots in your network visibility that can prevent you from quickly detecting and repairing network problems. So what's the role of the embedded or proprietary alarm system? It's better to use them to drill down for equipment details after your advanced, integrated monitoring system notifies you of a problem. High quality alarm monitoring helps you avoid network outages, prevent equipment damage, and reduce repair costs. In the long run, getting the right network monitoring system is not only better, it's cheaper.

Learn how integrated alarm monitoring will save you time, effort, and money
Download “The IAM-6: The Next Generation Hardware Platform for T/Mon.” This in-depth product guide shows how you can monitor your network more effectively with T/Mon on the IAM-6.

Download “The IAM-6: The Next Generation Hardware Platform for T/Mon.”

The IAM-6 Protects Your Network Better 7 New Tools In The IAM-6 For Faster, Easier Monitoring

The all-new IAM-6 is the new hardware platform for T/Mon. It's fast, reliable, and fully compatible with your existing T/Mon software and database. Here's 7 technical improvements in the IAM-6 and how they will help you maintain your network.

Full Story Online

Derek Willis "DPS Factory Training showed me what T/Mon can do ... and how I can monitor better"
Derek Willis didn't know what his IAM-5 could do. DPS Factory Training showed him T/Mon's full capabilities, and now he's using that knowledge to improve his network monitoring. Full Story Online

Netguardian PPP connection

QuickTip: Using Your NetGuardian As A PPP Server To Dial Into Your LAN
Did you know you could set up your NetGuardian as a PPP (Point to Point Protocol) server to allow you to dial into your Local Area Network? This is a useful tool if you've lost connectivity to a remote site. Full Story Online

Learn Network Monitoring In-Depth at DPS Factory Training, June 7–10
The next DPS Factory Training Event will be held June 7–10 at DPS headquarters in Fresno, California. You'll learn how to turn up, configure, and monitor with your DPS equipment easier, faster, and right the first time. Don't miss it!

• What you'll get from a Factory Training Event
• View the Factory Training Event Calendar

Join DPS Telecom at the UTC Expo, May 16–19 in Nashville, Tenn
You're invited to join DPS Telecom at the UTC Expo, hosted by the United Telecom Council, May 16–19 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn. This is your chance to see the newest developments in network reliability management, like the IAM-6, the NetGuardian 216 and 480, and the Critical Alarm Enunciator

We'll be in Booth 307 — see you there!

For more UTC Expo information ...

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