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In Today's Issue ... April 21th, 2004

Announcing The All-New IAM-6... 7 Ways The IAM-6 Protects Your Network
Better... Get 50% Off Your IAM-6 upgrade... Prevent Equipment Damage From Low Voltage... 4 Key IAM-6 Tools for Your Arsenal... UTC Telecom Expo 2004...

Announcing the All-New, Completely Improved IAM-6: Faster Polling, Faster Alarm Processing, Faster Notification

Bob Berry, President & CEO
Bob Berry, President & CEO
How would you like a chance to see the future of network monitoring technology before anyone else in the industry? You can be among the first to get the full specs on the next generation of network monitoring the all-new, completely improved IAM-6.

The new IAM-6 delivers speed, power, and reliability, with an all-modern, PCI motherboard architecture, a new Intel Pentium processor, and 115200-baud high speed serial cards. Altogether, the IAM-6 is 26 times faster than the IAM-5, for more responsive alarm polling and a more accurate, up-to-the-second picture of your network.

That's just the start. There's five other key IAM-6 improvements that you need to know about improvements that will protect your network more effectively, give you easier access to alarm data, and help you integrate more of your network on a common IAM-6 platform.

In fact, there's too much that's new about the IAM-6 for me to tell you all about it here. So I'm preparing a sneak peek at the IAM-6 titled, "The IAM-6: Specifications and Technical Overview." This report has the full specifications, performance benchmarks, and new monitoring applications for the next-generation IAM-6.

Register for this white paper now, and be the first to see this sneak peek at the IAM-6 as soon as it's released ...

PDF Download The IAM-6: Specifications and Technical Overview

Bob Berry, President & CEO

The IAM-6 Protects Your Network Better 7 Good Reasons You Should Upgrade to the New IAM-6

The all-new IAM-6 has an improved hardware architecture and faster performance and it's fully compatible with your existing IAM-5 or T/MonXM WorkStation software and database. Here's 7 IAM-6 technical improvements and how they protect your network better.

Full Story Online | Full Story as PDF

Get 50% Off Your IAM-6 Upgrade Exclusive to Maintenance Agreement Owners

If you have a DPS Telecom Gold Plan Maintenance Agreement, you may be able to upgrade to the new IAM-6 for as little as $3,000 by participating in the 3-year, 50%-off upgrade program. Full Story Online | Full Story as PDF

"Low voltage and no alarms caused major switch damage we could have prevented ... I was sold on alarming after that"
When he started as a central office tech, Kevin Arthur wasn't impressed with network monitoring. But he changed his mind after unmonitored low voltages destroyed several $5.000 switch cards. Full Story Online | Full Story as PDF

How to Use 4 Key IAM-6 Tools: T/Windows, Root Cause Analysis, ASCII Alarms, Pager and E-Mail Notifications
Are you using the IAM to the fullest? Here are four features of the IAM that will immediately improve your network reliability. Full Story Online | Full Story as PDF

DPS Telecom at the UTC Expo, May 1619 in Nashville, Tenn

You're invited to join DPS Telecom at the UTC Expo, hosted by the United Telecom Council, May 1619 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn. This is your chance to see the newest developments in network reliability management, like the IAM-6, the NetGuardian 216 and 480, and the Critical Alarm Enunciator

We'll be in Booth 307 see you there!

For more UTC Expo information ...

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